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Six suspects have secretly been captured by the police for the alleged serial killings in Delhi. Can this mystery be resolved when everyone is pleading not guilty?

REVIEW: Dreadful murders are taking place in various parts of Delhi, where 11 women are brutally killed in 12 months by some serial killer and their bodies were found at different metro stations. In his hunt for the culprit, IG Shergil (Ashok Pandit), who has also earned a badge of an encounter specialist in Delhi Police, has locked up six suspects in a garage. After sharing the proofs of their linkage with the crime, Shergil gives them 12 hours to discuss and figure out themselves, who is the murderer amongst them. Naturally, all of them deny being involved in these heinous crimes but panic creeps in and they start blaming each other. With the restricted time frame, will they be able to lead the cops to the actual criminal?

In the first scene, we are introduced to all six suspects, who went missing and brought under one roof by the police personnel. All of them have distinct personalities – Abhimanyu Mathur (Hiten Tejwani), who is an investment banker, Tia Sharma (Anupriya Goenka), who is a regional manager in South Delhi, Santosh Hooda (Sehban Azim), a wealthy Haryanvi guy, Roshan Kher (Ashwin Mushran), who is going through a bad marriage, Krish Malhotra (Ayushmaan Saxena), who is a drug addict and lastly, Deepak Mehra (Ravi Khemu), who works as a customer relationship manager in the telecom industry – and have been provided the proofs claiming their links to the murders. Will their on-going discussions lead to any substantial result, or will they keep on putting acquisitions at each other?

9373 trailer out unkahee starring hiten tejwani sehban azim and anupriya goenka is a gripping murder myst

‘Unkahee’ is a suspense thriller with a whodunnit twist to it that is written and directed by debutant Anushree Mehta, who puts in some serious effort to make this narrative gripping. It is filmed at a single location and majorly consist of the interactions among all six suspects that shift the focus from one to another member of the group and their relation to the crime. However, Mehta’s writing is dull and the chilled climax ruins the overall mood of this thriller. Overall, it’s the duration of the film which disappoints and leaves you wanting for more. It would have been a great suspenseful story if ample focus was given to the detailing of the pieces of evidence and their links to the suspects.

Coming to the performances, its Santosh and his Haryanvi accent which provides a little humour to this ongoing dialoguebaazi. Two sensible people who desperately wanted to be out of this situation after resolving this case, Hiten Tejwani and Anupriya Goenka, were upto the mark. Rest of the cast could also be judged based on a few dialogues only, which was okay as per the script.

Overall, ‘Unkahee’ will have you guessing about the climax till it unfolds. But if you like good suspense thrillers then this one is just an average pick.


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