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5 Reasons Why Tennis is The Best Sport to Play

Roger Federer 2012 Indian Wells

Tennis is a very popular sport all over the world. The game entails the use of a racquet. Players are expected to hit the ball using the racquet over a net into the other player’s court. The players’ job is to keep the ball in play. The ball should only hit the surface once before being hit over the net. Hollow rubber is used to make most of the balls. Players can play a game of doubles or singles.

Are you considering picking up tennis as a sport? You certainly should. This sport boasts of a myriad of benefits. Below, we will cover 5 reasons from, why tennis is the best sport to play.

  1. Tennis is a social sport

A large part of our lives is dependent on human interaction. So much so, isolation from people can prove detrimental to one’s health. That is why forging social connections is encouraged. Fortunately, tennis is a sport that supports such interaction.

With tennis, if you aren’t playing singles, you are likely playing doubles. Either way, interaction with other people takes place. This may either be friends or opponents. Whether you are playing in a tournament or just for fun, it is guaranteed that you will enjoy yourself before, during, and after the match.

To play tennis, you don’t have to be an expert. The mere interest in the sport connects you to other individuals who fancy it as well. It is a sport enjoyed by many seniors. This is because the interaction with other individuals is beneficial for their mental health.

  1. Low chance of injuries

Unlike high-intensity sports like baseball and basketball, tennis has a low risk of injuries. Most people appreciate this fact, and that is why they choose this sport. This is not to say that injuries never happen; they do, but they are rarely severe. Also, these injuries can be easily prevented.

One major cause of tennis injuries is using the wrong technique. To ensure your elbow and wrist are protected, use the right stroke and serving action.

Another cause is the time you spend playing the sport. If you overexert yourself, you are likely to get injured. It is necessary that you allow your body to rest between training and matches. Failure to do this will keep your body from enjoying the benefits of the game.

  1. It can be played everywhere and at any time

 Most sports are seasonal. Golf, for instance, can only be played during summer. When it comes to winter, players have to focus on keeping warm. Luckily, tennis is an all-seasons kind of sport. Whether it’s summer or winter, you can comfortably and confidently play the game.

This means that whether you are playing for tournaments or fun, you should keep in mind that tennis has no off-season. This is contributed by the fact that there are both indoor and outdoor courts available. During summer, you can play outdoors, and when it comes to winter, you can switch to indoor courts.

Also, tennis is geographically diversified. Wherever you are in the world, you are likely to find a tennis court. If you are on vacation, all you need to do is ask your guide, and you will be steered in the right direction.

  1. Great for working out

Most sports offer a great workout experience. Tennis is no different. You get to work your body all while having fun. The sport is bound to get you exercising even without you realizing it. It tends to work your entire body as you play. 

Tennis almost always keeps you in motion. The running to hit the hall and swiftly changing direction constantly builds both your stamina and muscle. At the same time, you get to burn calories with ease.

Keep in mind that strength, flexibility, and stamina are the main aspects of fitness. You will find that most sports only provide either one or two. Running, for instance, is great for strength and anaerobic fitness, but it doesn’t help much with flexibility. With tennis, strength is achieved every time you swing the racquet; the short sprints are great for anaerobic fitness, and agility is developed every time you bend or stretch.

  1. Good for your health

Staying healthy is a major concern for every individual. Sometimes staying healthy means losing extra weight. If you make playing tennis a regular activity, you are likely to achieve this. Another health benefit is that it reduces the chances of getting diabetes. It also reduces the chances of getting cardiovascular issues or a stroke. It does this by keeping your cholesterol in check.

When you play tennis, you get to strengthen your bones. Players who start from when they are younger benefit most from this. Bone health tends to deteriorate as we grow older. Fortunately, jumping, lunging, and pushing off while playing tennis creates endurance in the legs and strengthens muscles as well. 

Tennis is also great for your mental health. It is an effective way of handling the stresses of life. Tennis works your mind and body. It shifts your focus from the current stressful situation and forces you to focus on the game. The issue with choosing running, for example, is that your body is in motion but your mind is also racing with deadlines and to-do lists.


Tennis is without a doubt the best sport to play. From offering a great workout to offering an opportunity to socialize, you are assured picking the sport is the right choice. Lastly, with tennis, you get to learn solid life lessons even as you play. 

Whether it’s young players or older players, tennis provides the chance to learn how to be mentally strong. With the different challenges the game offers, you learn several coping strategies and how to handle the pressure that comes with the game.


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