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6 Important Reasons Why You Should Go For Pre-shipment Inspection in China

6 Important Reasons Why You Should Go For Pre-Shipment Inspection In China

Pre-shipment inspection can play an important role in your business success. You should not overlook the importance of pre-shipment inspection, no matter how much experience you have been in production or shipping before. Pre-shipment inspection can help ensure that you get high quality products and services, which are essential to your business success. There are 6 important reasons why you should choose the pre-shipment inspection company in China when you need inspection service. This article will tell you more about them:…

Understanding pre-shipment inspection

Whenever you want to export your products from China to any other country, it’s always important to make sure that they are 100% in compliance with both international and local regulatory laws. And while different countries have their own unique set of laws, one thing is always consistent — pre-shipment inspection is a necessary step for any successful cross border shipment. Fortunately, there are a number of inspection companies in China who provide these services for an affordable price.

1) Prevent Shipping Damage

If you’re not getting your products inspected by a third party, you may end up with a bunch of broken pieces that you’ll have to repair yourself or even worse—send back and get a new shipment. While many entrepreneurs rely on their supplier to inspect shipments before they’re shipped out, quality control can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and some suppliers might be more trustworthy than others. 

When it comes to pre-shipment inspections, quality is key so definitely invest in a pre-production inspection company who has established business relationships with many reliable manufacturers around China. Having several options will allow you to leverage shipping costs which could end up saving your business money over time.

2) Help with Quality Control (QC)

QC is an important aspect of any production run. If you’re going to be manufacturing a product, it’s critical that you make sure it meets your own standards and has been properly put together.

To ensure quality, there are two main areas to focus on: 

Design Quality Control (DQC) and Process Quality Control (PQC). 

Your DQC will generally handle things like design control during prototyping; for example, if you’re working with a 3D printing company like XYZprinting, your DQC engineer should be ensuring that your file won’t cause problems when printed.

3) Reduce the probability of Customs delays and seizures

Part of being a responsible importer is understanding that your shipments can be delayed or even seized at any time. Although you can never predict when customs will inspect your shipment, you can reduce risks by arranging a pre-shipment inspection with an independent inspection company. 

The reasons why importers should invest in a pre-shipment inspection are many and include: 

1) to identify if there are products (such as banned/restricted items) that could result in delay or seizure; 

2) to find if something is missing from your shipment; 

3) to ensure all items being shipped comply with current regulations and standards; 

4) to avoid damages during shipping; 

5) to confirm you’re importing via proper channels (if required)

4) Protect your brand reputation

If you are an overseas importer, it is important to have your products and shipments inspected by a third party before they leave China. The inspection may reveal problems that could potentially damage your brand’s reputation. Find out if there are any issues with your production process or products so you can get them resolved before they become public knowledge. 

Going through a pre-production inspection also helps keep your customers safe, as it ensures all manufactured goods are up to local safety standards.

5) Avoid disputes with your manufacturer

Properly managing your shipping process can make or break your business. Too many disputes with shippers and manufacturers can lead to an inefficient production line, which will eat into your profit margins. If a product is damaged during shipment, a pre-production inspection from an inspection service provider company in China can minimize any damage that may be caused by rough handling of goods. Properly identify areas of risk to avoid disputes and maintain healthy working relationships with everyone involved.

Wrapping up

Remember, these final points are meant to highlight a few simple factors that could be essential for your Pre shipment inspection process. It’s easy to focus on every single detail and become overly consumed with getting things perfect, but it’s important to remember that not everything can be controlled before you bring your product to market. 

Before ordering an inspection, always ask yourself: Is there any way I can accept defects? Could I live with what I don’t see? How might customers react if my shipment has problems? What will happen if I refuse delivery or send it back after my order is shipped? This gives you room for maneuvering. And lastly, when you get down to it… just enjoy your product!


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