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Cleaning Your Body Pillow: What You Need to Know

Cleaning Your Body Pillow: What You Need to Know

Most of us get a body pillow for specific reasons. One of such reasons is to support and pamper your body. A body pillow is great for pregnant women who have back pain issues, especially when sleeping or resting. For whatever reason you get one, you’ll always agree with me that a body pillow is a great bedding accessory.

Now, like every clothing materials we have, a body pillow can get dirty, dusty and accumulate allergens. When that happens, we need to wash them. It is essential you know how to wash a body pillow if you’re thinking of purchasing one.

You don’t have to struggle with washing a body pillow. You just have to follow the steps listed below. However, you should also check the tag that comes with the product. There may be specific instructions on how to to go about cleaning it. The following are the steps on how to wash a body pillow:

  1. Find out the material with which the body pillow is made

Before you wash your body pillow, it is necessary to know the material it is made of. Many of these pillows come with labels which will inform you about the material used for that specific pillow.

However, in case your pillow doesn’t come with a label, you can know the material by touching it. Some of the materials include foam, latex and feathers.

You must not skip this first step, so that you can wash your pillow without damaging it.

  1. Know the maximum temperature and detergent compatibility of your body pillow

Now that you’ve identified the material of your body pillow, it is essential to know more things about it, for example, the maximum temperature that it can handle when you wash it, or the nature of the detergent you can use to clean it. Some can be machine-washed while some are too delicate to be washed with a machine washer.

You can also check the label which comes with the product for more information.

  1. Select the right detergent

Like earlier said, it is crucial to choose the right detergent for your body pillow. Avoid harsh chemicals and bleaches. Also check the label for further instructions concerning this.

  1. Choose the right washing techniques

You should select the right washing techniques for your body pillow: spot-cleaning, machine-washing or hand-washing. This depends on the material with which your pillow is made and also how dirty it is. If there is a small stain on the pillow, you may just need to spot clean it.

  1. Dry the pillow

Another essential step is properly drying your body pillow after washing it. You can air dry it and make sure it is thoroughly dry before taking it inside.

I believe these steps will help you know how to wash a body pillow.


Washing your body pillow doesn’t have to be daunting. Follow the steps listed above and you’re good to go. Go get your body pillow now!



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