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5 reasons to travel on a cruise to Diu

5 reasons to travel on a cruise to Diu

Diu is a union territory and is known for its fortress and Portuguese cathedral. Many people plan their trip to cruise for a quick getaway from their daily lives. They can spend time with their loved ones on the beaches once they reach their destination. 

Apart from this, going on a cruise vacation to Diu has its own perks. Continue reading the article to know more about the perks of travelling to Diu on a cruise. 


  • Offers and packages


There are various Diu tourism packages offered by numerous cruises while travelling to the destination. These packages could be found on the cruise’s website. One could avail of these packages to book the cruise for their event at a reasonable rate. Apart from this, one could find various offers on the website as well. These offers help people book their cruise tickets at a much cheaper rate. 


  • Dining options


Most cruises have a variety of dining options made available for the passengers during their cruise vacation. One can choose from a variety of cuisines from Thai to Indian during their stay on the cruise. This is included in the buffer system of the cruise which is generally included in the Diu tour packages that people select while booking their cruise tickets. However, there are various restaurants present on the cruise where people can reserve their tables and dine in. Passengers can reserve their tables by giving a call to the restaurant. 


  • Services and amenities


Travelling on a cruise to Diu allows passengers to enjoy their vacation right after they onboard the cruise. They can avail themselves of the various services and amenities available on the cruise. Most cruises offer various services to their passengers such as swimming pools; children play areas, gyms, etc. Many cruises even have a spa and salon section where passengers can take an appointment to relax and rejuvenate themselves. However, one should check the services and amenities available on the cruise before booking their cruise tickets.


  • Entertainment options


Most cruises have various entertainment shows and activities that take place on them. Passengers can enjoy their time during their cruise trip with these entertainment options. These entertainment options include movie nights, DJ nights, stand-up comedy acts, etc. This gives the chance to socialise with other passengers on board. However, some of these entertainment options may be cancelled due to the on-going pandemic. People should check the website of the cruise to get clarity about the events that would take place on the cruise. 


  • On-shore excursions


On-shore excursions are one of the main highlights of the entire Diu trip. Many cruise-liners provide their passengers with an onshore guide. This guide plans the onshore itinerary and activities that would take place after reaching their destination. These activities may however cost extra and may not be covered in the package availed. People can opt to either include the guide in their Diu tour packages or explore the island of Diu on their own. 

We hope that this article was informative and you travel to Diu on a cruise. Thank you!


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