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High Volume Result Oriented Calls with Predictive Dialer Software for Business

Dialer Software for Business

Even well-known brands cannot afford to sit back smugly, confident that they have a large enough customer base. Attrition and churn can lead to competition overtaking you. Businesses need to go all out and sustain outreach to generate new leads and also serve existing customers or drum up business through them. Campaigns are the order of the day and you will find call center software immensely beneficial, especially the predictive dialer software part.

Phone communications still rule the roost

Phone calls still remain the preferred method to ensure a quick response. Call center software may have omnichannel features that let you make use of audio-video calls and conferences, email, text, social media posts, and so on but there is nothing like a phone conversation. You initiate an offer, engage in discussions and divine intent as well as the sentiment of the called party. People respond better to phone calls than to emails or text messages. A BIA/Kelsey report indicates that the rise in the use of smartphones will lead to about 73 billion inbound calls. If you are not doing it, your competitor certainly is and will likely grab a bigger market share.

It is easy to send out emails by the hundreds. You could send out thousands of text messages but in the matter of voice interaction, you must dial each number and talk with a prospect or an existing customer. Manual operations result in time lost between calls. This is where the predictive dialer software kicks in and automates this procedure.

Better quality leads, more conversions

A MartechZone survey finds that 57% of people like to interact with a real human, not a chatbot or an IVR. Add to this the finding of that 65% of businesses find phone calls lead to more concrete leads. Brian Massey of states that a phone call is 500 to 1000 percent more effective than forms or email. What does this tell you? The plain truth is that the more calls you are able to make using the fewest number of people, the higher will your lead generation or conversion rate. Again, we come back to predictive dialer software as the best tool to increase throughputs.

It is not just outbound calls that this software does. It can keep track of conversations by recording each call. You will have instances where a called party will show interest but will want to be called back later in which cases your employees or agents using the call center software can easily segregate such calls to a special list for priority handling according to scheduled calling time with the preview dialer.

Festive seasons are opportunities to drum up and drive sales. With hosted call center software that scales on-demand and offers you pay-as-you-go services, it becomes trivial to launch specific campaigns to target and retarget through the predictive dialer software. Where speed and quality matter you will find predictive dialers extremely helpful.

Improving the quality of interaction is important

Your employees have a specific time window in which to make their pitch and engage targets. The predictive dialer does take a load off their minds by handling the dialing part but when they are in a conversation they may start off on the wrong foot or unnecessarily engage in extended talks even when the called party clearly is in no mood for such dilly-dallying. How do you improve quality?

The predictive dialer you get will have associated features such as barge-in and whisper. A supervisor can monitor all ongoing conversations and whisper to the employee to change tactics or terminate the call in order to avoid rubbing the prospective client the wrong way. You could listen to recordings and analyze what is being done right and what is not. You could even have AI integration that will give suggestions after analysis of such calls or prioritize numbers to be called first to improve conversions. Your employees also learn time management leading to a higher number of fruitful calls.

Predictive dialer the best for outbound calls

Predictive dialers bring with them features such as contextual reach out and streamlined high throughputs. The burden on agents is reduced if you have a smart dialer that automatically connects a call to an agent who is free rather than rushing an agent to complete an ongoing call. You could consider progressive dialers for a more leisurely approach since this type of dialer waits for an agent to complete a call before initializing the next one. You could think of a preview dialer that has its own features such as displaying a popup with called party details, more suited to serving existing customers or leads about which you have some details. The predictive dialer can claim speed as its USP and speed is vital to handle a maximum number of calls with the highest productivity.


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