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Go All-American With American Racing Custom Wheels

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Many people may not realize just how far back the idea of racing wheels goes in American history. The idea of street racers and having racing wheels has been around since the 1950s and ever since then racers and those who just want that classic racing car look have been seeking out the best wheels available on the aftermarket for wheels.

One company that has been consistent since back in the day and has always provided high quality racing wheels to the public is American Racing Wheels, long considered to be one of the top manufacturers of racing wheels for cars and trucks iMindMap Pro.

American Racing Wheels got their start back in the 1950s, making racing wheels for hot rods and drag racing. They were originally designed with drag racing competition in mind and were created to provide drivers with high strength, lightweight wheels that were perfect for that type of racing.

It was not long before enthusiasts all over were clamoring for just such a wheel for their street cars as well because they liked the look and the performance that could be provided by these wheels. Shortly after, in 1956, American Racing was born as a company to begin manufacturing and distributing these aftermarket wheels to the public.

American Racing offers a wide variety of wheels for sale. They have several classic styles that have long been sold, including the Torq, Baja, Vector and Hopster lines that offer wheels each designed with a distinct look and purpose. The Torq Thrust wheel is the wheel that helped to make the company as famous as it has become, since it was first used during drag racing and then for street racing and for street cars.

The design of this wheel was made specifically to assist in cooling of the brakes while providing the car with less wheel mass.

American Racing wheels can be used on a wide variety of vehicles today. The sizes available are made to accommodate nearly any type of car truck make or model on the market now because the styles have been so popular over the years.

The aftermarket demand for the wheels and the look that they can provide for a vehicle have made them popular enough to warrant the steady progression of availability from drag racing cars to select street cars to a wide array of cars and trucks today. The wheels are standard use for many drag racing cars to this day, but the look that it can provide for your car on the street level is unsurpassed.

For those who are looking for the classic American muscle car look, the options offered in American Racing Wheels are hard to beat. They practically invented the art of the custom wheel so if you want the best in the business with great look and performance, choosing one of their styles may be the best way to go for you.


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