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10 Essential Questions to Ask When Buying Contract Management software

10 Essential Questions to Ask When Buying Contract Management software

The idea that implementing contract management software will help your organization save time and money is one thing; figuring out which one to buy is a whole different thing. The big question is how do you get to decide, especially if you are new in the contract management software game. 

With the rising competition in the contract management space and dozens of software solutions, how can a firm choose the right software? There is a need to consider the essential staff of your organization. Investing in contract management software can be a vital phase in helping your business grow. 

In regard to buying contract management software that anyone could use has become extremely dominant in the business sector. When thinking about which system to buy, an organization must choose a system that supports the organization’s day in day out growing contracting needs. This article gives an overview of questions a buyer may want to ask the vendor when buying contract management software.

Where is my data hosted?

Since the software is acting as a data processor on your behalf, you ought to be clarified on where that data is at all times stored to ensure submission.


How secure is my data?

Once there are security issues, you will lose your customers’ trust, which will be extremely difficult to regain. Losing business data is one of the simplest ways to damage your organization’s warfare. Check with your partner that the security measures put into place are assessed regularly by independent auditors. Make sure the vendor has a legal certification to show that they are all-time committed to keeping your data protected.


Is the software easy to use?

Nobody wants a system that is complicated to use. Ease of use enables the team members to give it the first try and even use the system in the long run. The system opted for use should be easy to operate and compatible with the tools your firm uses daily. Make sure that the system is user-friendly and easy to work with.


Will the contractors be able to use it?

The implemented system is there for the company and contractors hence the need for everyone to use the system. Ask yourself what experience is needed to operate the system and training to be conversant with the system.  Consider a vendor that will offer support to your team.

Features available?

Look for a system with features, such as error-free templates, the option to create contracts from accurate, customization options, the ability to identify expiring contracts licenses, send automatic alerts, and so forth. These features ensure an easy to manage time for all teams. Additionally, if a system is easy to understand, there is a higher percentage of users who adopt the solution.

Can the software manage risks?

When contracts contain errors, an organization is prone to all sorts of risks. However, the right contract management system gives the team visibility into all risks being exposed. A good contract management software will hugely minimize and look against all the risks. 

How much is the cost?

Cost is an important thing to consider because if-then the system is out of your budget, there is no need to make a move no matter how cool the tech is.  What you have to put in mind is getting the best from what you spent your cash on. Ensure that the software enables you to gain efficiency. Consider time spent implementing and managing the software, ensuring it doesn’t become an organization’s burden rather a time-saver.


Ask for a list of client references from your vendor. Pick the one you want randomly and not your vendors’ option, as the vendor can pick those who will give you positive feedback. This will provide you will detail of any drawbacks encountered or the success of the system so far.

Can it be customized?

A contract management software should be able to adapt to your process and not the other way around. The interface is supposed to be tailored specifically for use with customized fields just as your needs demand.

Customer satisfaction?

You want to be certain you have chosen the best of the best software, and this is the satisfaction customers need. So, go on and ask how they measure their customers’ satisfaction. Net Promoter Score is what most companies use to track ongoing success. Therefore, ask the vendor if they use this system and what’s their score. If the answer is a minimum of 40-50, then you can opt for this system.

Final Words

 In conclusion, there is a lot you ought to consider when buying contractor management software, but when you ask the above questions, you should be in a better position to make the right choice. By choosing the right contract management software, you can reduce stress and risks.


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