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Things You Need To Keep in Mind for Your Next GP Job

Things You Need To Keep in Mind for Your Next GP Job

There are numerous GP jobs advertised nationwide, but we all know that much of the work GPs do is the same regardless of where you’re employed. Due to many policy changes in recent times – the Visas for GPs initiative or the introduction of Health Workforce Certificates, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for several practices to seek out good GPs. This suggests GPs are in high demand and practices are willing to provide benefits that they normally wouldn’t.

According to the yearly GP salary survey, earnings are certainly one of the main critical criteria for finding a GP job. However, there are many other factors you’ll want to think about.

Here is an Inventory of The Necessary Factors To Think About For Your Next GP Position.

Salary and Billings:

General practitioners ’ salaries vary greatly and should range from 250k/year to over 500k/year. It comes right down to the love of billings, how busy the practice is, and your hours of employment, whether it’s full-time or part-time. Each practice offers a different rate of pay; most practices pay 65% of billings. Practices offering 70% are rare, but many bulk-billing practices have adopted this rate to attract good GPs.

Mixed Billing vs. Bulk Billing:

Bulk-billing practices average 5-6 consultations per hour; mixed billing could also be a bit less, perhaps 4-5 per hour. This also impacts your earnings; you will get more chronic disease in Bulk Billing locations – you would be able to bill more items.

Developing an Interest:

If you have got an interest or are passionate about a particular field that you provide to patients or are looking to develop a specialty, it is vital to speak to clinics about how they will support you.

How Busy is The Practice?

Patient numbers are important in every practice; however, once you’re trying to seek a position, it becomes vital to debate why they need a replacement GP. Are they turning patients away, or is a patient base ready to be acquired?

Clinic Management & Support:

An honest practice manager and support within the practice can make the difference between an average and great practice.


Particular locations are over-doctored and locations where we all know patients are just trying to seek out a quick in and out appointment, despite the very fact that you’re going to be taking care of a selected location. It is essential to believe whether this is often a location where GPs are in demand.

Working Hours:

One of the most important motivating factors for working as a General Practitioner in Australia is the work-life balance. On average, GPs work for 35-40 hours every week. Most practices are flexible with working hours; however, most of them require some commitment to After Hours, whether it maybe 1 night every week or 1 weekend day a fortnight.

Type of Clinic :

  • Community Health,
  • Small Corporate,
  • Large Corporate, etc.

Consistent with your need for what you’re trying to seek out, the clinic’s ownership or kind of clinic will vary.

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