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Providing Answer to Your question About Weighted Blankets

Providing Answer to Your question About Weighted Blankets

You keep tossing and turning on the bed. You wish you could just fall asleep, even if it’s for an hour. You stroll to the kitchen and drink a cup of tea, hoping it will make you sleep. You are wide awake till your alarm goes off. You get out of their bed, sad and frustrated. When you get to the office and complain to your friend about it, he recommends a weighted blanket. You have heard about weighted blankets but you are worried. Are weighted blankets hot? Will it be able to provide a solution to your sleepless nights?

What does overheating do to you?

You can only get sleep when your body temperature is cool. This is because a cool temperature tells the brain it’s time to sleep. Therefore, if you feel hot at night, you won’t be able to fall asleep. You might even fall asleep but might not be able to stay asleep, as you will keep waking up.

If your blanket traps heat or your body temperature is just always hot, you need to find a solution to it. A weighted blanket is one. But, some people feel that weighted blankets are hot. That may be not be totally false, considering some factors.

Weighted Blankets: Are they hot?

There is no doubt that weighted blankets are heavy. However, that does not mean they are hotter than regular blankets. What really determines whether your weighted blanket will be hot are the fillers and the fabric with which it is made. Let’s consider the two:

Fabric: The most important factor that determines whether a weighted blanket will be hot is the fabric it is made of.  You must ensure that the outer fabric of your blanket is made of breathable and soft materials. The materials must allow air flow, as this will make it cooler, enhancing your sleep.

Polyester fabrics will retain heat and lead to overheating. You can do well to avoid blankets made with such.

Fillers: The fillers can also determine if a weighted blanket will be hot. Micro glass bead fillers are small and allow air to flow and circulate, thus making you feel comfortable.

Poly pellets, on the other hand, can trap heat and restrict heat, making you feel hot and uncomfortable at night.

A Great Type of Weighted Blanket

Like earlier explained, the fabric with which your blanket is made will determine if you will feel hot or not. In that respect, the best weighted blanket is one made of either bamboo or cotton. These natural materials keep moisture away from your body, hence, making you feel cool at night. they also have good breathability and will make you sleep at night. Know that the best weighted blanket will keep you relaxed and cool at night.

Wrapping Up

Weighted blankets are meant to keep you cool and relaxed at night. With the best weighted blanket, you don’t have to wonder, “Are weighted blankets hot? This is because you won’t feel hot. 



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