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Different types of cake to please your sweet tooth

chocolate cake

It would be impossible to find a person who would ever say that they don’t like cakes or anything sweet because sugar is such a tempting ingredient that it can never be avoided by any person. No matter how many people would come up with the fact that sugar is harmful to health or eating cakes, toffees, chocolates, and ice cream can be a setback to our health; people would never really be able to quit on these mouth-watering delights simply because of the pleasure that they provide to our tongue and our soul. Even people suffering from diabetes find it difficult to control themselves when they see something sweet right in front of their eyes because these delicacies have such tempting powers that people cannot resist them despite them being harmful. But we all know that small amounts of everything can go well and anything would only turn to be harmful if we start consuming it in excess, so if you love eating cakes, then you can eat them without having any guilt list to ensure that you do not eat them in a large quantity. If you love to order cake online, you must check our list of different types of cake that are delicious enough to please your sweet tooth. 

Butter cake

A cake whose major ingredient comprises butter is named a butter cake. The basic ingredients involved in baking a butter cake are sugar, butter, flour, egg, and baking powder. The origin of butter cake can be traced back to the English pound cake that used to be loaded with huge amounts of butter. Owing to the use of lots of butter, these cakes are very light and fluffy. They are stored at room temperature but tend to get spoiled if left for a longer duration as they start getting stiff and lose flavor upon being dried out due to excessive refrigeration. 

Pound cake

Pound cakes are the ones that are traditionally baked in bundt mold or a loaf pan. They have been named so because these cakes are baked with a pound of all four ingredients: butter, eggs, flour, and sugar. You can serve them with a coat of icing or dust with powdered sugar. One can add some flavoring agents such as an almond extract or vanilla extract to the cake. Adding dry fruits can also be a nice idea. Coffee cakes and fruit crumb cakes are a variation of pound cakes. 

Sponge cake

The origin of sponge cake is estimated to be during the period of the Renaissance in Spain. One special thing about sponge cakes is that they are loaded with egg whites. You can easily find these cakes online. Various varieties of sponge cakes make use of different special ingredients that are peculiar to that particular variety. Some make use of vegetable oil, while some are loaded with whipped cream, and many varieties of sponge cakes eliminate butter from their recipe. 

Biscuit cake

Biscuit cakes are more or less a variation of the sponge cake. They are rich in both egg white and its yolk. The difference is that the egg white and the yolks are whipped separately and then put together into a container. The batter of a biscuit cake is very light and may include other ingredients such as oats, chocolate chips, raisins, nuts, etc. They are usually small. The top of the cake is covered with a chocolate glaze. You can add Vanilla extract for additional flavors. 

Chiffon cake

Chiffon cake is a variety of sponge cake that has more eggs in comparison to flour. The content of the egg consists mostly of egg whites and a bit of yolk. They avoid butter and make use of vegetable oil which gives them a fluffy texture. The combination of egg and oil leads to the cake being very moist. Thus, it doesn’t get hard or dried up easily. 


This was a list of different varieties of cake that you can buy in order to eat something delicious if ever you feel bored of eating healthy food for following your regular diet chart. Besides ordering them for yourself, you can also choose the option of online cake delivery in Chandigarh and send some sweet delights to your friends or relatives living there. 


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