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Features to Look For in a Good Mattress

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The quality of your mattress will determine the quality of your sleep. Consequently, the quality of your sleep will go a long way in affecting your overall health and wellbeing. Sound sleep is essential to good health and it is very necessary you get that every day.

While getting a mattress, there are some factors and features to consider. In this article, we will be discussing them, using Katy mattress as a good example and we will say few things about their weighted blanket which is also an important bed material.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mattress

You can’t just choose any mattress, if you’re intentional about your wellbeing. Here are some factors to bear in mind when choosing a mattress:


  • Size of the Mattress


The number of people sleeping on the bed, your weight, height and body size should be put into consideration before you get your mattress.


  • How thick the mattress is


Factors like weight of the occupants, comfort, health conditions and height of the bed must be put in mind.


  • Kind and material of the mattress


You need to understand the different types of materials used in the production of mattresses and decide which is better for you.


The Mattress Everyone Loves

You may want to know the mattress admired by customers and what they love about it. Katy mattress is one of those mattresses. 

  • Cooling Technology: Katy mattress is designed as a unique Open-cell foam structure which dissipates heat three times much faster than memory foam. 
  • Comfort: If you want a comfy night sleep, Katy mattress is a go-to. It is soft and has the right sink to ensure you have a comfortable night.
  • Proper Contouring: Katy mattress will give you the support you need by making sure the mattress contours with the shape of your body. 
  • Safe and Odorless: Katy mattress is made with the highest quality standard. It is tested by a credible third party to ensure there are no bad chemicals, hence making it safe, healthy and odorless. It is made in the United States.
  • Lifetime warranty, free shipping and return: You will enjoy a lifetime warranty on it. Also, there is free shipping and return, hence, no extra cost is accrued.

Won’t it be great if you get Katy mattress on your next shopping?

One Extra Bedding

Truth is, aside from your mattress, you need some bedding materials in your bedroom. These will all help to ensure a very comfortable night sleep. One of them is a weighted blanket. Katy weighted blanket is great at helping people with disorders like autism, insomnia, and ADHD. The weighted blanket is filled with odorless glass beads. These glass beads make no noise and stay firm and in place. This ensures even distribution of weight.

Also, Katy weighted blanket is silky soft to the touch and you feel relaxed when you use it. You don’t have to worry about how to wash it as it can be washed with a machine, hence reducing maintenance cost.


Customers love Katy mattress and weighted blanket because they have never failed them before. We believe this will help inform your decision on what to go for on your next shopping..



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